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Minerals is a free program designed for cataloging mineral collections
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Mineral and rock collectioning is a widespread hobby all over the world since it can be practiced by any person, even by kids. Carles Millan, a Catalonian collector, has developed a program to classify different rocks and minerals and offers it for free on his site. With this program, you can organize your own collection of minerals in an easy way. The program already has several samples of data about the minerals collected by Mr. Millan so you can take them as examples for creating your own records. The program is really easy to use and has a very intuitive graphic interface. To create a new record, you only need to click on the "+" button or choose the appropriate option of the File menu. A new index-card-type file will open. You can enter information about a recently acquired specimen, such as classification number, species, acquisition date and place, price, weight, and add one or more photos of the specimen. Then, you can save or discard the file. The program also has powerful search capabilities which are especially useful for huge collections. You can also add information about mineral and rock suppliers, contacts, and more, as well as export your records to Microsoft Exel to share them with persons not having the program. If you are a mineral collector, then this free program will delight you.

Victor Hernandez
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